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    +86 13755107631 vicky@yuyetrade.com
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    The official website of Hunan Yulu import and Export Co., Lt

    2018-03-02 11:09:52 admin
    Hunan Yu Ye Import & Export Co. Ltd., specializing in the production and sales of pneumatic strip packing machine, pneumatic pneumatic strapping machine steel baler buckle free steel strapping machine electric balers, strapping machine, packing machine, etc. all kinds of packaging machinery, mainly used in industry: Iron and steel, metallurgy, metal machinery etc..
    Our market strategy takes the Yangtze River Delta as the center, radiating the national market and selling products to the whole world. The companies we serve not only include well-known domestic manufacturers, but also serve more than five hundred top companies in the world, and win the praise from all customers. We are in rapid development at the same time, also agents of some foreign advanced packaging machines, a full range of solutions to customer needs! Chinese in 2010 onwards Yu Ye set up companies in Hunan, and has sales and service locations in the country, to provide fast and convenient service to customers nationwide.
    We have ten years of manufacturing technology to provide the most practical and efficient production equipment for our customers. Whether it's a single machine or a fully automated packaging line, our company will provide packaging equipment planning, machine installation, operation training and perfect after-sales service. To help each customer improve packaging technology and capacity.
    Contact: Vicky
    Phone: +86 13755107631
    Cell phone: +86 13755107631
    E-mail: vicky@yuyetrade.com
    Address: Changsha, Hunan, is No. 402 of the people in Furong district.
    Skype: ivanwu0812
    QQ: 2097365259