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    Semi-automatic Adhesive Tape Cartoning sealing machine--Up

    2018-03-14 08:30:15 admin

    Product parameters :

    Model: FX-5050S
    Carton weight: <20KG
    Voltage/ Power: 380V/220V/  50/60HZ    0.18KW
    Carton size:  L:Above 250mm  W:180mm-500mm H:150mm-500mm
    Sealing Speed: 10-20 cartons/minutes
    Machine Weight: 150Kg
    Tape Width: 48mm or 60mm(choose one size)
    Machine Size: L1020*W850*H1450MM(no Included conveyor)

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    product details
    Using Adhesive Tape to Sealing carton by one time,Carton weight can not over 20KG for Up and Bottom Drive. It can save time and save work force.
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